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How to use heat therapy for chronic injuries

Following on from my earlier blog on the use of Cold Therapy in the treatment of Acute Injuries, it is important to examine Heat Therapy. It is generally used in the treatment of Chronic Injuries. A chronic injury may be defined as physical injury, illness, or disease...

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Pregnancy and Osteopathic treatment

Osteopathic treatment pre and post pregnancy is focused on the maintenance of the whole body.  Osteopathy is a manual therapy to is patient centred approach to restoring proper alignment to improve the body’s homeostatic function and its ability to maintain health. ...

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How to use Cold Therapy

There would not be a working day that goes by that I don’t encounter someone that either could have been helped by the correct application of cold therapy or applied cold therapy incorrectly.  Alternative names for cold therapy are Ice Therapy or Cryotherapy and these...

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